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23rd-Jun-2007 09:52 am - TokioHotel.co.uk
I know some of you have discovered that TokioHotel.co.uk (a website previously run by me and Rachel) has a "Back soon" sign on. I would like to say this once and to make it crystal clear:

I am in NO WAY ASSOCIATED with TokioHotel.co.uk as of February 2006.

In other words, this pending re-launch of the website is being done without my knowledge or consent. I found out about this yesterday when Salty asked me about it. I was shocked and deeply hurt that Rachel would do something like this without even mentioning anything to me. I really thought she was a better friend to me than that.

There are two possibilities about what is going on, and this is merely my speculation -
1). Rachel is re-opening the site either alone or with someone else; and a more likely scenario,
2). Rachel sold the domain to a keen buyer and they are re-opening the site.

Either way, it will never ever be the same TokioHotel.co.uk that we knew and loved. The team of awesome staff that we had on TH.co.uk - Gyn, Lenny, Salty, Cory, Closetthfan, Nicky, Kittie, and others - they are the ones that made the site what is was! These guys now have their own fantastic website - TokioHotelUS.com! TH.co.uk was famous for the great photos - I was and always will be the one providing the exclusive photos, and now I am working with Salty from TokioHotelUS.com. :)

So please remember, that TokioHotelUS.com is where the great people and the exclusive photos are. And nothing can possibly beat that combination. Please go register there and never forget that it is the one and only, irreplaceable resource for Tokio Hotel fans, so spread the word!

That is all I have to say. Again, it deeply pains me that TH.co.uk is being re-opened, as I cherish the memory of that website very much and letting it being turned into something else is nothing more than dancing on it's grave. TH.co.uk as we knew it is gone, forever.

Kisses and hugs to THus.com team and most importantly - Salty. I <3 you.

15th-Jun-2007 10:21 pm(no subject)

Carol and I are good friends again. There was a slight misunderstanding on my part. I apologize to everyone. Go back to your ordinary lives now.


P.S. Register on TokioHotelUS.com - new photos from Sweden coming soon. :)
Hi y'all!! Kate here.

I know no one will read this, so I'll be brief. Basically, Salty (owner of TokioHotelUS.com < go register!!) nagged and harassed me about this Paris shoot sooo much that I started getting eye twitches and nervous ticks (I love you, too, Salty. Lol.). After very short consideration (maybe 15 seconds long), I decided to finally post these beloved-by-everyone photos in HIGH QUALITY and UNMARKED. Yes, they are BIG and CLEAN. Please accept this gift from me to all Tokio Hotel fans! You all rock!!

Go download. Now. LOL.

Note: You can get these in twice bigger size (yes, I know... it's INSANE) from Salty, if you donate to TokioHotelUS.com. :)

Click to Enlarge:

60 more photos under the cut!...Collapse )

P.S. To clear the air up: I am still dedicated to the Tokio Hotel community and am currently working in a team with Salty to bring you the latest and greatest photos of Tokio Hotel. (Please register on TokioHotelUS.com to find them.)

P.P.S. And no, I am not re-opening TokioHotel.co.uk. Ever. I love you all, but it's time to accept that TokioHotel.co.uk is in the past.
15th-Apr-2007 04:01 pm - Photos in this LJ
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